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Jane is a Scottish artist living and working in a fishing village on the N.E coast.


She studied at Gray's School of Art and The Northern College, Aberdeen, before commencing an international teaching career which spans 30 + years. She now develops her art practice and is building her client base through commission work and with exposure in galleries, social media platforms and online through her website.


Jane works intuitively, creating layered, textural images which are emotional responses to places she has lived in or passed through.  She aims to entice the viewer to experience something of the initial spark within the image, which fascinated her enough to create the piece. The Highland Cow portraits are appealing and humorous with bright, engaging colours, tactile surfaces and richly applied paints using gestural marks and impasto layering.


Jane's work is held in private collections worldwide. 

In recent years Jane has been concentrating on commission works and developing new subjects in her work. The small images above are examples of her Coo commission paintings however, in recent months, she has diversified and now paints abstracts and abstract landscapes as well as other wildlife subjects as shown in the thumbnails to the left.

Below is an excerpt recent article about her work in the May Edition of The Scottish Field Magazine 

Please note that the price of Jane's paintings remains the same whether purchased directly or from a gallery. Contact the artist at

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